Two types of people when playing a game ..x 

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Larry Jealousy


throwback louis / harry → 4th november 2011


I’m around when your head is heavy 
I’m around when your hands aren’t steady 
I’m around when your day’s gone all wrong 
I care that you feel at home 
Cause I know that you feel alone 
I think you’re going to miss me when I’m gone 

Somebody Loves You - Betty Who

Hi guys!! Pretty much got inspired by this. Hope everyone’s having a great weekend!!! (Thanks to my almost 4k followers lmao. I love you guys! All of you are so amazing.)


Inspired by this post. Sexy Louis gifs by 16meets18

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#i want final year of uni fic   #all of them taking up an entire chunk of the back of the campus coffee shop   #books scattered all around   #cups and cups of empty coffee   #all of them dying while studying for finals   #the corners of harry’s mouth stained with ink for the highlighter he keeps chewing on   #niall bemoaning the fact that he somehow convinced himself that becoming an engineer was a good idea   #liam with his amazing colour coded notes   #louis trying to figure out his own shorthand   #leaning over to ask zayn what he wrote every couple of minutes   #’how the fuck should i know it your writing louis’   #zayn surrounded by crumpled up sketches because his final art proposal is due in two hours   #and he has shit all to show for it   #and niall’s finally like   #’do you realize that this is the last time we’ll ever do this?’   #and then they all get terribly sentimental and ask someone to document the moment for them   #and years later when theyre all grown up   #with families and careers   #all five of them have a copy of this photo framed and hung somewhere in their house   #ot5 til i die  (x)